Chances are, every homeowner will need to have their house repainted several times over the course of their life. This is especially true here in Scottsdale, where temperatures can reach upward of 110°F in the summer months, casting harsh UV rays on your home for hours on end. As it turns out, excessive heat and dryness are two of the biggest contributors to house paint degradation, and our professional painters at Mahalo Painting are here to point out some of the signs it’s time to have your house repainted. This summer, pay attention to your exterior house paint and arrange for a professional painting service if you notice any of the warning signs mentioned below.


One of the most prominent signs your house needs a fresh coat of exterior paint is that the old layers are beginning to flake, crack, and peel off in the heat. Not only does this make your house look far less valuable and appealing than it really is, but it also makes it easier for moisture and bacteria to get trapped in the walls, creating further damage you’ll have to deal with down the road. Scottsdale residents tend to notice this every five to 10 years, depending on how much direct sun exposure their home gets year-round and what the quality of the paint was to begin with. It goes without saying that high-quality exterior house paint will last longer, especially if it is applied by an experienced residential painter, so give us a call if your house needs new, long-lasting outdoor paint.


Arizona isn’t known for harsh winters by any means, but we do experience thunderstorms every now and then. That being said, these unprecedented bursts of weather tend to catch homeowners off guard, and the peeling paint on their homes allows moisture to soak in, turning into mildew and mold over time. One of the main signs of this is that your house paint will start to bubble and contort, creating a ripple-like appearance as bacteria builds up underneath. While bubbling tends to occur less frequently than flaking and peeling does on Scottsdale house paint, it is a sign that there is further damage occurring below the surface that needs to be removed and covered with fresh exterior house paint.


Fading is another consequence of hot sun rays beaming down on your Arizona home, which are hardly interrupted by cloud cover, rain, and other kinds of weather. After years of constant sun damage, you might start to notice your exterior house paint fading into blotchy, uneven patches. And no, it isn’t just your vision playing tricks on you or shadows casting strange shapes on the sides of your house. These patches are caused by sun bleaching and can give your house an unsightly, aged look if you leave it unaddressed. The good news is, however, that sun bleaching is completely fixable with a residential painting service by a professional painting company that uses high-quality paint meant for high heat and excessive sun exposure.

Dirty Appearance

Do you ever find yourself scrubbing the sides of your house to rid them of dirt and grime that just doesn’t seem to go away? Often, this is a sign that the outdoor paint on your house is reaching the end of its life cycle and it’s time for a fresh paint job. A dirty appearance can mean many different things, whether that be years of dirt, pollution, or other contaminants building up in the environment around your home. Whatever the cause, be sure to schedule a residential painting service if a pressure wash doesn’t do the trick, as it will only get worse with time.

Choose Mahalo Painting

Our professional painters at Mahalo Painting hope that this post has given you an idea of what to look for if you think it’s time to repaint your house, and that you will continue to part two of this blog series to learn more. And, if you are noticing any of the warning signs mentioned above, get in touch with our residential painters today to treat your house to the fresh paint job it needs. We look forward to bringing your home back to life!