If you’ve been keeping up with our blog at Mahalo Painting, you already know some of the most prominent signs that it’s time to repaint your house, including flaking, bubbling, or fading paint, as well as the exterior of your house bearing a permanently dirty look. Given that Scottsdale is known for its particularly harsh summers that leave houses in dire need of fresh paint every five to 10 years, there are many other signs to look for if you think it might be time to hire a residential painter. Here are some more warning signs that the outside of your house is due for a fresh paint job.

Cracked Caulk

Cracked or hardened caulk on the base and sides of your house is a telltale sign that it’s time to have your house repainted by a professional painter. This putty-like material is meant to contract and expand with the weather changes in your area, and it will eventually lose its elasticity as the years pass by. Once it hardens and cracks, caulking also loses its effectiveness, leaving your home less insulated and prone to moisture damage if Scottsdale were to experience a rainstorm. Professional painting companies typically apply fresh caulking when they paint the outside of your house, so be sure to pay attention to it and schedule a residential painting service when it starts to harden.

Out Of Style

Aside from the somewhat inevitable wear and tear from UV rays and constant Arizona heat, one of the biggest signs it’s time to have a professional painting company repaint the outside of your house is that you are simply sick of the old color. Perhaps you still have that dated green exterior house paint from the 70s or want to get rid of that bright blue trim your wife thought would make a nice accent 10 years ago. Whatever it may be, switching up the color of your house paint is a practical way to bring new life into the space while preserving the integrity of your home.

It’s Time

While the previously mentioned warning signs are common throughout Arizona, there doesn’t always have to be a tangible reason for you to have your house professionally repainted — often, it’s just time to do so. As we discussed in part one of this blog series, Scottsdale residents typically elect to have their homes recoated with fresh outdoor paint every five to 10 years, depending on the location of their home and the quality of the original paint. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to refresh your house with new exterior paint, feel free to give Mahalo Painting a call! We would be happy to help you decide whether or not it’s time to hire a residential painter.