Our team at Mahalo Painting is made up of Scottsdale’s Top Rated Local® painters, who have years of experience painting the interiors and exteriors of local businesses and large corporations alike. When it comes to commercial paint jobs, there isn’t anything our professional painters haven’t done, whether that be updating the interior of medical clinics with relaxing color schemes, scaling office buildings to apply fresh outdoor paint, or applying garage floor epoxy in car dealerships. No matter what commercial painting service we provide, you can depend on our experienced painting contractors to do it quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Exterior Commercial Painting

While exterior commercial painting might sound difficult, our skilled painters at Mahalo Painting have perfected their craft. We do it all, from helping our commercial customers pick the exterior paint color that best represents their brand to setting up scaffolds, painting all day long, and cleaning up after ourselves in order to maintain the company’s good reputation. We’ve painted all sorts of commercial buildings during our 25 years of industry experience, including offices, small businesses, chain stores, medical facilities, schools, and more. Each kind of building poses a unique challenge for our painting contractors, and they use each experience to learn new tricks of the trade.

Whether you are a small business owner or own a franchise, investing in a fresh coat of exterior paint is never a bad idea. In fact, it is an opportunity to revamp your brand and show your customers that you care enough to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your space. Anyone will tell you that the eyesore of an outdated building is enough to keep customers away, even if it is just your normal peeling or fading paint. The fact of the matter is that even though these things are bound to happen at some point, neglecting to tend to your building can be damaging to your public image — which can be fixed with a quick exterior commercial painting service from our professional painting crew.

When you choose Mahalo Painting for your exterior commercial painting needs in Scottsdale, you get a team equipped with years of experience, industrial tools, and unparalleled skills. Depending on the size and scope of your commercial painting project, we will send an appropriate size crew to your site right on time to set up all their supplies. Our goal is to be as efficient and discreet as possible so as to not interfere as you continue to do business, and you can count on us to finish the job quickly without compromising quality or professionalism.

If you are in need of an exterior painting service for your business, give us a call today or request a free painting quote online! Our commercial painters at Mahalo Painting are happy to extend their services to small and large businesses throughout Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Carefree, North Phoenix, and surrounding areas. We look forward to upgrading your business with a fresh coat of outdoor paint and helping it thrive for years to come!

Interior Commercial Painting

At Mahalo Painting in Scottsdale, painting commercial interiors is a major part of what we do — and we’ve done it all. By that, we mean that we’ve painted the walls and ceilings of schools, institutions, offices, medical clinics, churches, retail shops, and just about every other commercial space you can think of. Not just that, but we’ve also painted the doors and trim inside these buildings, as well as the kitchenette cabinets, shelving, and other wooden features. That’s what makes us the premier full-service painting company in Scottsdale — we don’t just paint office walls.

However, room painting is one of the most common commercial painting services we provide, and our seasoned painting contractors have years of experience recreating the interior spaces of many different kinds of businesses and facilities. Upon requesting a free painting quote from us, you can bet that we will set aside a time to meet with you and discuss the purpose of your commercial painting project, as well as the interior paint colors you have in mind. From there, we will discuss additional options such as accent walls, trim colors, and a fresh coat of door or cabinet paint. The interior of your commercial space can make or break your business, and our painting experts are here to help you make it a success!

While revamping your business with a fresh coat of paint, our professional painters will work with you to determine the best time of day to get the job done. If you own a restaurant and want to avoid peak lunch and dinner hours, we can paint in the early morning or late afternoon, depending on dry time and the scope of the project. If you own a spa and want to freshen up its interior before the busy fall season rolls around, we can get to work in the heat of the summer. Whatever the case, our goal is to interfere with your business operations as little as possible — no matter what that means for us.

Mahalo Painting is proud to offer interior commercial painting services to businesses and facilities throughout Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Carefree, North Phoenix, and surrounding areas. Our painting contractors would be happy to discuss your commercial painting project with you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or get a free painting quote online!